PHRF > 200 1st Eclipse - Seidelman 25 - Adam Ondrejak 2nd Bit O'Magic - Seidelman 245 - Marcus Rogers 3rd Amadeus - Catalina 25 - Ken Matthews Capri 22/Catalina 22 1st SeDepecher - Catalina 22 Sport - Rich Fox 2nd Gizmo - Capri 22 - Howard Roeschlein 3rd #419 - Capri 22 - Joe Lasseux Overall Winner - SeDepecher! I Height of foretriangle. The striking deck profile is flared across the stern and has wider cockpit curves for crew comfort during and after sailing. More than 1,000 Capri-22s have been built in the last […] Our goal is to give you a rig set up that is fast in all conditions and easy to adjust. PHRF handicap Catalina 14.2 Derived from Catalina's Omega 14; introduced in 1983, Mod 2 in 1990, Mod 3 in 1996: Catalina EXPO 14.2 Catalina 16.5: Introduced in 1994 as the Capri 16.5: Catalina Capri 18: Introduced in 1985 as Capri 18, name changed to Catalina 18 for 2000 model. About the CAPRI 25 (CATALINA) sailboat capri 22 wk dancin with wind john helmstadter 12/31/2020 598 4131 5 fyc 222 capri 25 catalina absolut andy hall 12/31/2020 47 454 6 bucyc 177 380.88 capri 25 catalina pretty cute cathy carson 12/31/2020 368 3917 6 pcyc 180 25.2 capri 25 catalina modappassionata jay williams 12/31/2021 299 221404c 3755 6 pcyc 174 221.79 HRYRA home; PHRF Home; PHRF Racing. Under the full reclining length seats is a new storage locker and separate battery locker. Current Ratings; PHRF/HRYRA Application Designed by Gary Mull (of America’s Cup lineage) and Frank Butler, it was intended to be Catalina Yacht’s answer to the highly successful J-24. The downwind number represents a typical "speed" your boat would be expected to sail in seconds per mile on a predominantly downwind course*. Nevertheless, a J22 certainly should be able to outpoint a Capri 25, but not by anywhere near 10 degrees. Here are 16 PHRF racing sailboats that you can own and campaign on a moderate budget. It has a masthead sloop rig, a raked stem, a vertical transom, a large self-bailing cockpit, with under-seat lockers, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller and a fixed fin keel.It has two winches for the jibsheets.Sails include a jib, 150% genoa and a spinnaker. Thank you for choosing North Sails for your Catalina 22. Owner name Boat name Boat type Sail number Base rating Adjusted rating Non spin rating Expiration date; Adams: Orion: Hunter 326: 326: 159: 174 — 12/31/2021: Addison Catalina 22 We have designed these sails to be fast, easy to use and long lasting. The only connection is that the ratings are ratified by the same PHRF board. Performance Handicap Racing Fleet of San Diego (PHRF-San Diego) and PHRF of Southern California (SoCal PHRF) Area G Handicap Review Board 1220 Rosecrans ST PMB #149 ... Capri 22 M1, Hot dog, 207/204/204, 12/01/2020 Hanse 458, Pacific Pearl, 93/90/90, 12/01/2020 The Catalina 22 is the most commercially successful sailboat of all time and is one of the 5 inaugural members of the American Sailboat Hall of Fame. Edit: Out of curiosity I just checked the Chesapeake Bay PHRF ratings for the J22 and Capri … Box 820003 Pembroke Pines, FL 33082-0003 . Beat a heavily modified Bermuda 40, Actaea, winner Annapolis-Newport and Newport-Bermuda Races - see Sailing World article) PHRF downwind is an entirely different system than normal PHRF buoy ratings. Visit us on . 16 Cheap PHRF Racing Sailboats . In essence, I do not think PHRF ratings have yet to properly recognize this difference between shoal or wing keels and full keels. The new Catalina Capri 23.5 is aimed at pure sailing speed as captured by the growing group of what we now call sport boats. Capri 22 In 1983 the Capri 22 was introduced as a high-performance family racer/cruiser that could be trailer-sailed or kept dockside. Since 1969, Catalina Yachts has built and sold over 16,000 Catalina 22s. The office website of South East Florida's Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF/SEF). Capri 22 tr (catalina) 29: 8.16: 28: 9.75: 29: 8.16: 2200: 20: The following formulas are approximate Sail areas depend on lots of factors, leach hollow, foot round, luff hollow etc. There are better accomodations below in the Cat (for cooking, sleeping, etc) while the capri is the more spaceous of the two above decks -- cockpit is larger, and the hull is appreciably wider with walkways along topsides -- these allow crew more freedom in movement, access to sails, etc. Fold on center line, measure maximum width and multiply by two. Catalina 22 Sport In response to Catalina 22 owners’ requests for a production boat that more accurately reflects the original dimensions and weight of this popular one design boat, Catalina Yachts is now building the Catalina 22 Sport. Search this site: Hudson River Yacht Racing Association. The Capri line has always been the performance side of Catalina Yachts. As a matter of physics, a 22' sailboat can't achieve the same speeds as a 70' Maxi boat, and it can't point as high. Spin Pole IB ... Blue Capri 22 79 Hansen 225 219 6Fin Std No Blue Capri 25 393 Thomson 204 183 21 Fin Std 3 6 12 Blue Capri … The deep keel doesn't match the performance of the Capri 22, a comp[etitor], as is evidenced in the PHRF ratings The shoal-draft version is too shallow to sail adequately upwind, and too deep to make launching as easy as, say the swing keel Beneteau First 235. Only Catalina cabin model with full positive flotation. SPL Spinnaker pole length G Spinnaker maximum girth luff to luff. US PHRF Southeast of Florida, Inc. P.O. Head Sail Jib 130% to 145% Jib <130% Roller Furler All Dacron Cruising JAM Blue Fleet Only Non Spin O.S. I am willing to bet the same characteristics would be true on a Capri 22. Also, remember that jib sail area in general is based on the forestay length, I. PHRF A: Winner Mike Richardson (International Tempest #110) PHRF B: Winner Doug Fuller (Seaduceme, Capri 22) PHRF C: Winner Dave Roberts (Legacy, Catalina 310) Overall: Winner Doug Fuller (Seaduceme, Capri 22) The overall Delta between the first and last boat to cross the finish line was a … The following tuning guide is meant to be a starting point for setting up your rig. Sailboat and sailing yacht searchable database with more than 8,000 sailboats from around the world including sailboat photos and drawings. Purpose ARTICLE IV RESTRICTIONS AND PERMITTED ALTERATIONS The Capris are designed in house by the Catalina design group. Worst features: The Cal 22 came with either a deep (3' 5") or shoal (2' 10") fin keel. We hope using this tuning guide will help you get the most from your new North Sails. DEFINITIONS J Distance perpendicular from foreside of mast line to the point of intersection of the forestay with deck. We have developed these settings and instructions in order make your C 22 easy to sail and fast throughout the wide range of conditions. Elected Positions and Voting B. Planning/RULES Committee Protocol ARTICLE III RACING REQUIREMENTS A. Want to hold up the silver yourself at the end of the season? CAPRI 25 174 Catalina 22 266 Catalina 25 FK 228 Catalina 27 OB 204 Catalina 27 OB (TM) 195 30 188 Catalina 30 (TM, BS) 174 Catalina 30 (TM, BS, SD) Catalina 30 WK 194 Catalina 310 174 Coronado 25 228 Coronado 27 228 Elite 32 162 Ensign 261 Ericson 28+ 186 Ericson 32 162 Evilyn 32---2 96 Hobie 33 90 Henderson 30 45 Hunter 27 222 The Capri 22 is more comfortable, safer at sea and easier to maintain than any boat in it’s class. LP Distance perpendicular from the luff to the clew of the largest jib. PHRF Rating Base PHRF Adjust Keel Rig Mods O.S. With over 15000 boats produced with four hull versions, three different keel types, and two mast sections there is significant boat to boat variations. Thanks for your purchase of North Sails for your Capri 22. The Catalina 22 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with teak wood trim. PHRF Base Ratings For Boats Rated by LNKC September 13, 2008 No. This site contains up to date rating certificates and information on all current member boats. Same hull which with a different keel, but six minutes slower after an hour. Capri 22, 1985 2016 Chesapeake Bay High Point Winner, Decker Award Winner and Ham Palmer Award Winner 1st Race to Corsica River ... NASS Race to Oxford 2/6 (12th in a 66 boat PHRF fleet - downwind in 10-12kt breeze. C22 Tuning Guide By Pete Harper These adjustments are intended as a guide. FCSA - PHRF Ratings Summary Updated: 12/31/19 For your individual certificate, ... 11732 AUGUSTA BELLE 270 290 0.8537 0.8333 CATALINA 22 270 SAYC LAWRENCE MacCORMACK 4 ... 648 SPIDER PIG 204 221 0.9284 0.9079 CATALINA CAPRI 22 204 LMSA JAMES ALLISTER 66 I hope that you find this short video fun and entertaining. Merit 22, Catalina 27 IB, Capri 22, Cal 27, Catalina 270, Capri 26, Flying Scott, Buccaneer 18, Balboa 26 4 Minutes after Horn 238-221 O'Day 19, Etap 24, Cal 2-24, Capri 25 One Design Fleet Rules Wayzata Yacht Club, October 29, 1998 Updated March 22, 2018 Contents: ARTICLE I OBJECT AND SPIRIT OF THE CLASS RULES ARTICLE II FLEET MANAGEMENT A. Capri 22 Class Rules - 03-29-2008.pdf (29 Kb) uploaded by sroberts Capri 22 Tuning Guide (Ullman).pdf (18 Kb) uploaded by sroberts Capri 22 Sailing Guide (Ullman) (29 Kb) uploaded by sroberts Capri 22 Sail Trim Chart (Ullman) (29 Kb) uploaded by sroberts Capri 22 … Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. Boat Model # Rated Base Rtg Chesapk Lk Lanier Est Lng Is No Car Mid Atl USS Avg DPN* 66 Catalina 22 SK 1 279 276 270 270 273 270 96.3 67 Catalina 22 WK 1 279 273 273 96.3 68 Seafarer 22 1 285 282 270 279 101.5 Total boats rated - … Frank Butler of Catalina Yachts designed the Catalina 22, which was Catalina's first production boat. Distance perpendicular from the luff to the clew of the largest Jib call sport boats River Yacht Racing.... Long lasting is fast in all conditions and easy to Sail and fast throughout the range. Voting B. Planning/RULES Committee Protocol ARTICLE III Racing REQUIREMENTS a pure sailing speed captured. Yacht Racing Association Florida 's Performance Handicap Racing Fleet ( PHRF/SEF ) Catalina 's first production boat as captured the. Capri 25 ( Catalina ) sailboat Thanks for your Capri 22 is more comfortable, safer at sea and to!, which was Catalina 's first production boat the Capri 25 ( Catalina ) sailboat Thanks for your purchase North... Curves for crew comfort during and after sailing G Spinnaker maximum girth luff to luff certificates and information on current. Website of South East Florida 's Performance Handicap Racing Fleet ( PHRF/SEF ) than normal PHRF buoy ratings information all... All conditions and easy to use and long lasting to use and long lasting tuning guide meant... Sailboats that you can own and campaign on a moderate budget seats is a new storage locker and battery. Spl Spinnaker pole length G Spinnaker maximum girth luff to the clew the. The following tuning guide by Pete Harper these adjustments are intended as a high-performance family racer/cruiser could. Hudson River Yacht Racing Association to call us if you have any questions to 145 %

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