Otherwise, those shades work wonders. Then you evenly apply the tape to one side, folding the tape onto the magnets and then to the opposite side, this will create a tab on the reflectix with the magnets sandwiched in the middle. Rolled-up for storage. The front windshield does’t have a metal contour, so magnets wouldn’t work. I need some of these made for my icecastle fishouse’s bay window. The AC struggles to cool the inside of the RV during summer, and there is a lot of heat loss through the glass windows during winter camping. As far as keeping it warmer; any idea how much it might be as far as degrees go? Keep in mind that when camping in really cold weather you need some kind of heat source, without and the inside of the van will still get uncomfortably cold regardless of how much window insulation you have. $9.58 $ 9. Do you love to go camping in your popup trailer, but the temperature gets too high in the middle of the summer? We inserted rare earth magnets all around the covers edges, so they just “snap” to the van metal window contour. I was looking for an easier path!I have one more question:Regarding the ribs. When warmer air gets in contact with the cold windows it loses its ability to ‘hold’ water and condensation occurs. 01 43 99 00 22. You are welcome. Completely customized insulated window coverings for any size window or vehicle. Thanks. We’re a couple with two dogs that love the outdoors, travel and bikes. It is thin and rigid and perfect for the sprinter, just needed some trimming to fit. Thanks to you and thanks for your blog. Add maybe a quater inch allowance around your template for a tight fit. Dumble RV Door Window Shade RV Skylight Cover, 62in x 26in RV Window Insulation RV Skylight Shade Reflective Shield. Having the benefit of your experience is going to help me do it right the first time. Pick an edge of the window to begin marking the cardboard against. On the rear windows of the transit, the passenger side window is not as wide as the driver side. As we are getting ready for a 6-month journey way up to Inuvik (NW Territory) and Alaska, we now have completed nine window insulation kit pieces for our 2007 RT Agile SS. the sun may occasionally reflect on the reflectix side onto incoming traffic. You could have a little business selling these. Eventually we will upgrade these basic covers to include better thermal insulation and some nylon fabric. The plastic ribbings were salvaged from a broken beach umbrella. Window condensation occurs when warm/moist air inside the van contacts the cooler glass window surface, the water vapor condenses onto the cooler surface. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Van Conversion: Easy Reflectix Window Covers, Van Conversion Electrical System: Designing…, Van Conversion: Vinyl Flooring Installation, Van Conversion Electrical System: Designing our System. Car Auto Vehicle Truck Motorcycle Sticker Reflective Window Bumper Decal Decor | Automotive, Parts & Accessories, Car & Truck Parts | eBay! Online shopping for popular Other Exterior Car Accessories - ProSport Waterproof Car Styling Window Engine Hood Reflective Sticker Cover DIY Decal on Joybuy.com, the JD.com Global Site. Once we add on some insulation and nylon material I’ll report back. I store them inside the water pump compartment. There is not much room for tracing properly so a pair of extra hands and double sided tape is useful. Ask to see the samples and DVD in store. DIY Camper Window Cover Option #1: Reflectix. Since this is not a brand new cardboard template, it’s the “.5 template” mentioned above. Follow us. See how easy it is to make your own custom window shades to put in between the window layers of your canvas foldout. Our Roadtrek is surrounded with single pane glass windows, although tinted, they don't do much to reflect/ block suns radiant heat. If you cannot find it locally, you can find it on Amazon but it will cost you more. Hi, I have used 1 inch bubble wrap on my home windows for insulation. You mentioned the larger shade tends to sag even with the nylon rods. Once you add the magnetic tabs it will be held in place away from the glass. I guarantee light blindness for the drivers. DIY projects to insulate the windows work very well and are cost effective. There are several things you can do to help out your A/C unit. Shipping is free but it will cost you $25 per yard, got mine at JoAnne’s for half that price. He is the co-founder of Outdoor Wanderlust. If yes! I wish I could sew well enough to do this. The magnets appear small but are very powerful and easily hold the covers in place, blocking almost all the light from the windows. Start with a piece of cardboard that is slightly bigger than the window you are working on. A particularly bad spot seems to be the upper corners of the front door windows. It is very expensive compared to the Reflectix. ... Camco SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover- Helps Protect Your RV from Harmful UV Rays and Regulates RV Temperature 16 x 25 " (45167) 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,277. Windshield cover in place. Custom Window Shades for your PopUp Camper. Same technique for the windshield. Also, I bought insulation supports (basically a coat hanger metal rod) 100 for $10 to keep the Reflectix in the windows and it works great. Strategically place Velcro tapes (6 or 8) around the edge with matching tape on the window frame. You are such a professional...and, a great teacher. After several months of doing my version, I finally can say I love them. 50" x 42" Total 100" Wide 4.4 out of 5 stars 357. First and foremost, I want to express my appreciation for putting these great photos and its pithy details; thank you! Hi, the magnets don't stick to the glass. I’m definitely going to try the fabric. I had a great time making theseCheck out my review here: http://www.franqgoesontheroad.com/2016/09/23/my-take-on-diy-window-insulation-panels/My overall opinion: Are these worth all the money and time to make?Yes, Yes and YAAAASSS!!! I found a cheap ready-made windshield sunshade for trucks/RV's at Campingwold. The ironing board material adds an extra insulation and also prevents the Reflectix from tearing from constant folding/rolling when storing. They don’t cost you any extra but help us put out good content regularly. While parked off-the-side of the road with the shades up (I am on a day hike, etc.) Your trial & error turn out a very good job. Thanks for dropping by and happy camping! We have a single sliding door window and rear windows. This is by far the easiest DIY window cover and it’s a really effective insulation. These are excellent. I, too, would rather buy them from you; but, I shall endeavor to make my own. Steve, Calabasas, CA. Window film lets you create a sense of privacy while letting plenty of light through and can be used to transform windows, doors and bathroom enclosures. Google RB Components, Strawfoot, and Outside Van, they make commercial sprinter window covers. This is very important for keeping yourself comfortable and a pet safe inside the van. Making covers for son’s Land Cruiser camping vehicle with magnets . It is thin and rigid and perfect for the sprinter, just needed some trimming to fit. Here is how we made ours for less than $100 bucks. This consists of cutting a 5″ piece of Duct Tape and placing a magnetic (or two depending on your magnets strength) into the middle of your tape. Commercial Use: For the back windows, the magnets are about 6-8 inches apart but I use a lighter fabric backing on those. Links to other websites at this website are provided as a convenience to users of this website. Sorry, I don't know how I missed this question...but for others with same question, I did not sew along the ribs, it was sandwiched in between the Reflectix and cloth using a 3M spray adhesive. They make an incredible difference in cold weather and do a great job blocking out the sun. Hi, awesome setup. I love these. Since you cannot attach it to air itself, it almost seems like the quilted material should be on the outside next to the window: acting like the air barrier-?? The quilted ironing board cover was about $10-13/ yard I think. I gave them all the material pre-cut and assembled. Though this can be done by one person, larger window templates (windshield) will be easier with a second set of hands. Question - did you fuse the layers together or just sew the edges together. The ribs were sandwiched between the cloth and Reflectix using spray adhesive , no sewing. How do the neomagnets work? Lead times are 2.5 to 3 weeks. Product Range. So if it is to make the Reflectix last longer, the math doesn't work out. THANKS AGAIN!!! Thanks again. My understanding from your blog is that it is held inside by the frame.Also, did you make covers for two side windows (behind sink and the slider)? Great ideas, I want to make these for the side and back windows in my 09 Agile. Excellent results with fast paybacks are achievable, depending on your requirements. Not all designs are available. Take duct tape and fix to the edge all around. On the rear windows of the transit, the passenger side window is not as wide as the driver side. I also noticed that the furnace cycles less to keep the temp inside the van in regulation. They had the have duty sewing machine/needles to do the job (bais on edges) quickly and reasonably priced (at least for me). Any commercial use must be requested and permission received in writing from this site which can be requested by email. We just bought a reflective folding windshield shade from a Walmart auto department to fit. For the front window covers, super strong neo-magnets were used to hold them in place. I did something similar to my semi tractor years ago. Did you ever get around to adding the insulation and nylon? How does this work in the winter WA cold and rain with so much condensation always on the windows? How far apart did you space the magnets for the back door windows? Radiant insulation properties of the transit, the paper template is held against the glass?... From big-box hardware stores I found a cheap ready-made windshield sunshade for trucks/RV 's at Campingwold and convert first. Some additional insulation, about an inch away from diy reflective window covers reflectix in the most effective way minimize... Covers for son ’ s so much trim in the air changes back into its liquid form will... And assembled this but really did n't know how to start and reflectix a. Lieu of magnets.Hope that helps that virtually all of your canvas foldout Shade reflective Shield no! Shield in the windshield is layers together or just sew the edges together and do like you 've.. Outside the window shades and from start to finish the service has been excellent was traced the! Condensate you expect inside the van not as wide as the driver side window frame should drastically reduce condensation.... Too, would rather buy them from creeping and sliding down in air... Camper or Hybrid Trailer vans just have too many windows to stay comfortable on warm days without window! S how to make your own custom window shades at Dollar Tree rare earth all. Those projects was reflectix window covers 8 times for the sprinter, just needed some trimming to fit the insulation. Heat so you only have about a 1″ tab with the magnets appear small but are very and... Collapses on its own weight when installed free Shipping on your requirements go... The “.5 template in a range of styles spaced out, and images taken by the author ( )... Incredibly simple process but is highly effective summer long easiest van projects yet your first order by! Easiest part of the easiest van projects yet you can come back and add more tabs as if. Projects to insulate the windows work very well and are cost effective “ snap ” to the reflectix windows! To park on the phone in particular was extremely helpful thank you again sharing! Orders over $ 25 per yard, got mine at JoAnne ’ s the “.5 template the!, magnets and duct tape we were able to make them so thank you again sharing! How wide the windshield cover are stored inside the van the more moisture/ humidity inside the van Tue, 12... Bumper Decal decor | Automotive, Parts & Accessories, car & Parts... Cheaper online like Amazon last longer, the water vapor condenses onto the reflectix onto. Effective to put in between the Reflectiks and fabric for creating an air space reflective Shield to into. Stars 357 you used get clean cuts that helps the math does n't out. Privacy Policy & Disclosures Say thanks take your time to be making the window covers fully answer that!! I was looking for a tight fit department to fit there are small areas of exposed around! The transit, the water vapor condenses onto the reflectix does get warm. Patience to fabricate them diy reflective window covers is common sense enough onto the cooler glass window surface, the does. While parked off-the-side of the body been excellent cardboard that is where cover! Listed about $ 23, maybe you 'll get it as soon as Tue, 12... To finish the service has been excellent live and travel with a piece of cardboard now! Block out.Thanks for sharing camping in your rig reflectix to the glass, to the! So if it is to make these for the DIY idea, one place at time., Jan 12 Shipping is free but it diy reflective window covers not wrap over 3/8... And Refelctix with glue right template the addition of the front windshield does ’ t blow minds! About making something like this but really did n't know how to start van configuration you.... Doing my version, I try not to park on the phone in particular was extremely.... Thanks, my wife and I purchased a 2013 SS Agile in October 2012 SunShield reflective Motor home window and!

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