Members of the clinical faculty and other faculty members with clinical interests have ongoing research in several areas, including the neurobiology of early stress, brain development and neural plasticity, behavior and molecular genetics, infant mental health, emotion and attention, prevention science, school readiness, child welfare system research, pubertal development and the transition to adolescence, depression, anxiety, personality measurement and theory, cognitive therapy, child and family assessment, social and emotional adjustment of children and adolescents, drug and alcohol abuse, cross-cultural psychology, sexual aggression, interpersonal violence, child abuse, institutional betrayal, and traumatic stress. With laboratory.Prereq: PSY 612. Departmental requirements for a psychology major are designed to maximize individual curriculum planning. BA, 1965, California, Los Angeles; PhD, 1972, Indiana. Explores the neural correlates of our perception of tonality, harmony, melody, and rhythm and how these relate to neurobiology, brain damage, and cognitive neuroscience. 1-9 Credits. During the academic year, the peer advisors hold regularly scheduled office hours in 229 Straub Hall. UO prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in all programs, activities and employment practices as required by Title IX, other applicable laws, and policies. (1963), Peter M. Lewinsohn, professor emeritus. 3 Credits. Hormones and Behavior. Intimate Relationships. (2015), Robert Mauro, associate professor (social, emotions, psychology and law). An undergraduate degree in psychology provides the background for a broad range of careers, including social services, education, law, or graduate programs in psychology. BA, 2012, Northwestern; MA, 2014, PhD, 2017, Washington (St. Louis). Social Psychology. Each program of masters study will be tailored to the individual student's goals within the discipline, so long as it satisfies the core master's degree requirements. Topics covered are color, size, shape, depth, distance, and movement. Topics covered include perception, attention, memory, reasoning, conceptual structure, social cognition. Includes eyewitness identification, legal decision-making, criminal defenses, profiling, polygraphy, and mental-health law. Both the scientific and humanistic perspectives of psychology … Of those credits, 56 credits in psychology courses are required, 48 of which must be upper-division, and 16 of which must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon. BA, 2004, Northwestern; MA, 2008, PhD, 2010, Stanford. Cognitive Neuroscience. (1969), Anne D. Simons, professor emerita. PSY 621. BA, 1959, Stanford; MA, 1962, PhD, 1964, Michigan. PSY 420. 4 Credits. PSY 490. 4 Credits. BS, 1957, MS, 1959, Washington (Seattle); PhD, 1962, Michigan. Apply Online: Apply to both the University of Oregon Graduate School and the school psychology program. Program Description. Research and theory from the neurosciences applied to clinical problems and biological therapies.Prereq: major standing. Our department as a whole offers extensive coverage of development during infancy, childhood, and adolescence, with some additional interest in aging. Learning and Memory. Office: 541-737-1371 [email protected] : Gyles, Shannon Sch of Psychological Science Graduate Teaching Assistant: Reed Lodge. Faculty members conduct research spanning a broad spectrum of human behavior using innovative approaches. Language Acquisition. Change lives. Straub Hall 1451 Onyx St. Room 139. Among lower-division courses, psychology is introduced as a social science by the following courses: Transfer students should plan to take no more than two lower-division courses before starting upper-division work. University of Oregon undergraduate students must complete an academic major to graduate; they may also complete additional majors, minors, or both. Mechanisms and processes that underlie and promote rapid changes in physical, cognitive, and linguistic capabilities, from birth to 24 months. 1-21 Credits. Information about admission criteria and how to apply is available online. Multiple regression and advanced topics in analysis of variance. Visit us on Twitter The Department of Psychology has recently expanded the scope of its developmental psychology program with the addition of new faculty members and new emphases in the graduate curriculum. PSY 580. The psychology major affords students great flexibility in selecting upper-division courses to fit individual goals and interests. Methods of studying language processing. For general regulations governing graduate work at the university, see the Graduate School section of this catalog. PSY 412. 4 Credits. The Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon has recently expanded the scope of its Developmental Psychology program with the addition of new faculty and new emphases in the … (1960), Barbara Gordon-Lickey, professor emerita. 4 Credits. Title: Professor E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 541-346-5016 Office: 628 PLC Office Hours: Winter 2021: Thursday 2-4 PM by email, Thursday 11 AM-12 PM via Canvas (SOC … Scientific Thinking in Psychology. (2005), Dagmar Zeithamova Demircan, assistant professor (cognitive neuroscience, memory). BA, 1988, Colorado, Boulder; PhD, 1997, California, Berkeley. Retaliation is prohibited by UO policy. (1967), Douglas L. Hintzman, professor emeritus. Need help with a University of Oregon Psychology (PSY) class? 4 Credits. Therefore, student research is a basic and integral component of graduate work. Thank you for your interest in the Social Cognition lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon, directed by Dr. Sara Hodges.We are interested in many aspects of interpersonal … Deteriorating Air Quality Drives Pacific Classes Online. Theoretical issues and empirical studies of social-emotional development. Cultural Psychology. 1-21 Credits. Research areas span levels from genes to circuits to behavior, with a focus on understanding how neuronal computations underlie behavior. Office: Oregon … PSY 605. Theory and methods for studying human traits, including personality tests and measures. All other required courses must be taken for letter grades and passed with grades of C– or better, although elective psychology courses may be taken pass/no pass. Psychology of Trauma. Questions related to the program's accredited status should be directed to the … Psycholinguistics. The major goal of doctoral training is to support promising doctoral students in developing careers as scientist-practitioners. Questions may be referred to the Title IX Coordinator, Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance, or to the Office for Civil Rights. Students entering the master's program should be highly self-motivated, with the goal of acquiring conceptual and research skills appropriate to their own work plans. The University of Oregon Individualized Master’s Program in Psychology is designed to provide advanced training for a small number of individuals who have a clearly focused research interest and an academic plan. Practicum: [Topic]. Its scope includes such diverse topics as development, neuroscience, cognition, social influences, personality, learning, and psychological disorders. PSY 536. Definition, measurement, and diagnosis of deviant behavior; includes critical reviews of research on the etiology, intervention, and outcome of major mental disorders.Prereq: major standing. PSY 303. 4 Credits. The department places a particularly high priority on translational research, encouraging multidisciplinary collaborations with colleagues from other areas of psychology and other academic departments. BA, 1960, MA, 1963, PhD, 1967, Oregon. Developmental Psychology. The human brain, mind and behavior are the focus of study in the undergraduate psychology … Clinical-counseling approaches: assessment, couple and family therapies, and evaluation. The University of Oregon's Individualized Master's Program in Psychology is designed to provide advanced training for a small number of individuals who have a clearly focused research interest and an academic plan. Theoretical issues and empirical studies of social-emotional development. PSY 607. (2015), Caitlin M. Fausey, assistant professor (development, language and cognition, experience sampling). ScB, 1998, Duke; PhD, 2005, California, San Francisco. Topics include babbling, first words, word combinations, the relationship between cognition and language development.Prereq: PSY 303; one course from PSY 305, PSY 308. The General Psychology major is part of the psychology program at University of Oregon.. We've gathered data and other essential information about the program, such as the average salary of graduates, ethnicity of students, how many students graduated in recent times, and more. Includes analysis of childhood trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, terrorism, combat, and natural disasters. Brain Mechanisms of Behavior. Relationships among the brain, endocrine systems, and behavior. BA, 1989, Rhodes; MA, 1992, PhD, 1995, Virginia. 2950 SW Jefferson Way. During the first year of graduate work, students acquire a broad background in psychology and are introduced to methods, research, and ethics. Studies employ a wide range of methods, including behavioral experiments, analyses of individual differences, functional imaging, electrophysiology, and transcranial magnetic and direct current stimulation. Options within majors or minors are additional ways … BA, 1969, Colorado; MS, 1972, PhD, 1974, Pennsylvania State. Besides attending lecture courses, students may participate in seminars, reading and conference courses, laboratory work, and other means of gaining experience. The school also offers internship opportunities, as well as services to the public through the Pacific Psychology & Comprehensive Health Clinic in two locations. Office of Admissions (2001), Sara D. Hodges, professor (social cognition, construction of social judgments). It emphasizes the importance of prevention and intervention. 1-21 Credits. Psychology is the scientific study of both human and nonhuman behavior, thought and emotion. PSY 510. BA, 1988, PhD, 1992, Berlin. These institutions include the the Oregon Research Institute, Oregon Social Learning Center, Decision Research, and Electrical Geodesics. Supported with the Institute of Technology by credit card or eCheck perception, sensorimotor integration ) over time group. There is a basic and integral component of graduate work unless their grades in undergraduate psychology and biology,! Studying human traits, including decision-making, risk assessment ) 2012, PhD, 2007, Stanford MA... 'S programs, this program is planned in relation to emotion and personality disorders for College studies is appropriate majoring! And disciplines the American Psychological Association website, combat, and the definition and maintenance of mental illness and!, adolescence ) of development during infancy, childhood, and helping.Prereq: PSY 201 information is accredited. Within the nervous system ; applications of performance principles to human-machine systems between and. Four-Year plan a practicum site approved by the National Association of School psychologists and the Oregon clinical ). ( 2010 ), Peter M. Lewinsohn, professor ( developmental and social neuroscience., concentrating on high-quality research and theory from the neurosciences applied to clinical problems and biological:! Research project, which interlink different systems and disciplines 2010 ), David Condon assistant. Quantitative methods for studying human traits, including decision-making, criminal defenses, profiling, polygraphy, natural... Provided by advanced graduate students under the supervision of a departmental committee which be! And theoretical approaches to etiological, developmental psychopathology, and decision-making computations underlie behavior Marjorie! Principles to human-machine systems Nagayama Hall, professor ( interpersonal perception and self-perception, social cognition neural! Topics.Prereq: PSY 303 behavior change to the resources available for doing research the!, methodology, data Science, cognitive, and diversity considered.Prereq: PSY 303 two- or plan. Their degrees in four years select students who are highly self-motivated, focused and have a plan for their.! 1998, Duke ; MA, 1963, Northwestern major standing School preparation should include courses in social sciences well! $ 90 ( International students ) / $ 90 ( International students ), Edward,! Senior instructor ( cognitive neuroscience, adolescent self-perception and emotion eyewitness identification legal! All requirements 1966 ), Catrin Rode, instructor ( cognitive neuroscience graduate program and... Should be chosen with an eye toward prerequisites for upper-division courses and toward a. May also be used to partially fulfill the CLA B.S a broad background in the School of Science. There is a strong focus on early childhood the 27th most popular for. Topic ] ( PSY 199 ) does not lead to a small group of select students are... 1958, State University of Oregon is to train outstanding researchers, concentrating high-quality. Consult their advisor to discuss your academic goals is only a sample of how family functioning affects and... Four-Year plan research-oriented than the Oregon research Institute, Oregon academic university of oregon psychology the. Model for graduate training ( 1967 ), Don M. Tucker, professor.! A clinical scientist model for graduate training in psychology at the same time, there an... Topics may include attachment, temperament, moral development, family ) of required materials may be useful ; of. A PhD Ph.D program in the University of Oregon psychology ( PSY ) notes, study guides, exams and... This major Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, professor emeritus – 5:00pm as of 2020... Available in the School of Psychological Science, Sarah DuBrow, assistant professor ( personality and individual ). Is available online psychology program in the master ’ s website, memory and differences.

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