Julian M. Shields

– Founder, Shields Consulting, LLC

Julian Shields is the author of “Finding lifestyles through self – exploration”. The book is designed to help people discover a path to their desired lifestyle through self-exploration. Julian uses the book as a driving force in his career counseling program along with imagery, vivid examples, and cognitive behavior activities to make abstract lifestyles become obtainable goals by changing your perspective on life and daily behaviors.
Julian Shields is a certified rehabilitation counselor, career counselor, teacher, and an independent job developer for the U.S. Social Security Administration. In the past, he has provided consulting services to university graduate schools about how to choose applicants for graduate programs. Whether he is providing career counseling to students, teaching, or developing jobs for individuals, the goal of helping people reach their desired lifestyle remains the same. Julian holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling. He teaches COUN 1000, Career orientation and Exploration, and RSED 5230, Assistive technology at Auburn University where he is also pursuing his PhD in the counselor education and supervision program. His research interest consists of emerging adulthood and people with disabilities and their barriers to employment.
Julian is a member of the program advisory board for the rehabilitation counseling program in the college of health sciences at Alabama State University. As a counselor, he provides individual and group counseling services to individuals seeking help with anxiety, depression, self –esteem, stress management, and vocational development. In addition to counseling, Julian enjoys working as an associate vocational expert at Randall McDaniel & Associates, LLC, providing vocational, life care planning testimony in workers’ compensation, personal injury, or divorce litigation, and vocational expertise in social security disability hearings.