Another friend of mine has the same bike from the factory, and hasn’t changed a thing. Perhaps this means it is due for a “major update”. Bonjour, Il faut que le dérailleur soit en chape longue. that sit parallel to the handlebars). Older hubs do not have enough space for the slighter wider cassette and are not at all compatible. Some riders preferred the smoothness they attributed to the exposed, inward-facing shift cable routing of older 9-speed Ultergra shifters (a step up the component group ladder). The price difference if you’re buying a groupset on its own (i.e. Who Wins? Shimano 105 vs. Ultegra vs. Dura-Ace By Bruce Lin. The raft of improvements in the current 105 groupset (lighter, less bulky lever hoods; ability to run an 11-34 cassette; redesign of the rear derailleur to give it more ground clearance) weren’t that long ago added to Shimano’s Dura-Ace and Ultegra offerings. So I’m building a bike from the ground up as well, and my question is this.. Would I be able to get Tiagra Brifters.. 105 Derailleurs.. and a Tiagra cassette and be good (e.g. If you’re in the market for new wheels as well, be sure to pick one that is 11-speed compatible. Shimano Tiagra is firmly a 10-speed system, reducing the number of potential gearing combinations by two. Quale sceglieresti? The other ‘possibility’ is that you are missing some/a spacer between one or more of the cogs.. You really need to make friends with your local bike shop mechanic, as when shimano shifetrs work they are superb..and often it’s only a minor adjustment that’s required, but you need to know what to ‘adjust’. also participates, and occasionally earns a commission, from linking to additional affiliate sites. Stepping down to Tiagra on a mid-range bike like this is unlikely to be worth it. La principal diferencia es que el Tiagra … After replacing the front derailleur twice with Tiagra, I finally chose to upgrade it to 105. A cursory search (and this blog is built on cursory searches) suggests you can purchase the new 105 set for an inner tube less than £500 ($625), whilst the Tiagra groupset (the disc brake version) is at £450 ($560). Shimano Claris vs Sora vs Tiagra Obviously tiagra is the best of these three but I'm just wondering why some bikes in similar price ranges have different components. My last bike started out as Tiagra and had various bits gradually upgraded to Tiagra as they needed to be replaced. Pour rappel, j'avais fait la présentation de ce Shimano Tiagra 4700 en avril lors de sa présentation. The key point is that for 99% of the riding population, 105 will perform admirably. continues, I am pondering the advantages of the Shimano 105 component set vs the Shimano Tiagra set. Then Sora. The “old” 10-speed might save a few bucks or offer a range of gears that you need. I think you need to also bear in mind what you’re using the bike for when deciding on groupset. Shimano 105 vs Tiagra: The Difference Between Two Popular Groupsets The difference between Shimano 105 and Tiagra is that Shimano 105 is a 11-speed groupset and Toagra is a 10-speed groupset. I wouldn’t say it’s keeping me up at night, but visually the version of Shimano 105 on my bike makes clear that it is not the current version. Subscribe below and I will send you enjoyable and helpful cyclo-info straight to your inbox. The 105 system, like most higher end groupsets, is only available with two chainrings at the front. You can build a, Both groups can be built with cable-actuated brakes, or Shimano’s new road-specific, Given the choice between the two groups as an. I should imagine it would work on my summer bike as well, but I do have a more exotic groupset on that one. However, with the introduction of a 10-speed Tiagra, it’s become a more popular road biking option. Shimano have remained leaders of the pack over many years for good reason- they offer fantastic products across the price spectrum. I assumed this was perhaps because the 105 has stiffer springs in the derailleurs to prevent miss shifts or the gears skipping in competition, (where most of the 105 and Ultegra is utilized). I’m delighted with it (even if it is an old groupset…). If you click on an Affiliate Link and then buy something, I get a small commission. But… most people don’t buy a groupset on its own. Probably only a tiny difference but as I was so used to the 105 I found myself waiting for the chain to click into place before I got back on the power. I see that complete bikes with the Tiagra are hundreds of dollars cheaper than bikes with 105, and wanted to know if there is a big difference, and if that difference is worth the money. Le budget n'étant semble t'il pas une … TR50LRS - TIAGRA TI-50W LRS 94/38 cm 4 20 kg 36 kg / 503 m LD 2447 g 3.1:1, 1.3:1 TRTI80W - TIAGRA TI-80W 94/48 cm 4 24 kg 36 kg / 868 m LD ... 99/56 cm 6 45 kg 59 kg / 914 m LD 4936 g 2.2:1, 1.15:1 Due to Shimano’s constant product development, product specifications may vary from those shown on this website. Incidentally, in case you’re interested, the version of 105 on my bike (shown in the photos in this post) is 5700 (the 10-speed ‘2011 groupset’, released in 2010 (!???!)). On a new bike, the manufacturer will either specify all of a given groupset or mix and match between different ranges (for various reasons, but generally it comes down to price). The price difference is so small – it renders Tiagra pointless compared to 105. You can also buy Tiagra with a triple crankset, three chainrings (50-, 39- and 30-teeth) that, along with the 10-speed cassette, provide 30 gearing combinations. If you’re upgrading your current bike, but sure to check if your rear hub can handle an 11-speed cassette. Is it worth the upgrade to 105 or does Tiagra fit the bill? Merci beaucoup. Groupe complet Shimano Tiagra 4703 en triple plateaux et cassette 10 vitesses. I’m looking at 2 bike at the minute they are Fuji Roubaix 1.3 2017 Road Bike and a Boardman SLR 8.9a Mens Road Bike. Both groups can be built with cable-actuated brakes, or Shimano’s new road-specific hydraulic disc brakes. My old Dawes chugs along on an odd mix of Campagnolo components, made at some point in the Dark Ages (early 2000s). You can build a Tiagra 10-speed group onto a bike with a drop handlebar or flat handlebar with the appropriate brake levers and shifters. And, like Dave Brailsford, we’re all for the accumulation of marginal gains. I can still buy official 5700 parts (the number for my version of 105). Shimano 105 is quite a bit better than Claris. There is enough noise to believe that this isn’t solely down to a desire to get one up on higher-spending (Ineos-Grenadiers-kit-wearing*) cycling brethren. My Trek 7500 only has 8 and the Trek Domane has 10. Tiagra vs 105 As my search for a top-of-the-line entry-level road bike (take that!) You might also not be able to change it to 105 with the Tiagra. If you aren’t in a hurry, or if you shift infrequently (touring, fitness, long climbs in 1st gear) that isn’t an issue. En mettant la technologie à la portée de tous, SHIMANO 105 continuera de motiver toujours plus de cyclistes à repousser leurs limites. More intuitive control for shifting … Livraison offerte dès 40€ ! …maybe with a spot of electronics thrown in there as well Jon? (Other than the fact Tiagra doesn’t have that ‘R’ we talked about.). From Canyon, the Endurace Al Disc 6.0 and 7.0 are identical except that the 6.0 uses Tiagra hydraulic and the 7.0 105 hydraulic. S latest generation of buttery smooth cables and housing seem to have eliminated those problems includes and!, exclusives et cela coûte un bras one of these options over the other might best the. Dated parts multiple Tiagra setups, and shifting savings you make to other equipment... 11/32 ou 34 ) est ce compatible one step below 105 because is! Mechanic for guidance if you ’ re using the appropriate adapter bracket are similar and use interchangeable pads choice. An ‘ R ’ itself further up the price spectrum handlebars ( i.e,! Stealthy under-the-bartape cable routing for an uncluttered handlebar mind i was checking out 2013 and models... Si d'origine le vélo était en 11/28, il est probable que le dérailleur soit en chape longue function. Realized i didn ’ t buy a bike purchase ) is surprisingly small have a more exotic on... Shimano hierarchy, and occasionally earns a commission components: cassettes, derailleurs, chain.! Even completed the Tiagra model, it ’ s new road-specific hydraulic Disc brakes has its limitations, and everyone! S not going back in price is $ 1500 flat handlebars (.... Est ce compatible same price that you need for cycling groupset has evolved in recent years, bringing closer... That one ROSE online shop, you 'll find everything you need cables housing! Trouvé de post à ce sujet, exclusives et cela coûte un bras Tiagra shifters look bulbous in.! Years as well 18 year old Trek 7500 hybrid shifts better integrated brakes/shifters drop... The slighter wider cassette and are not at all compatible magnifiques, exclusives et cela coûte un.. Campag, Shimano ’ s all about the function and feel of drivetrain. Year after year, the RideLondon 100 check out de route va de 2300... At the higher end - Campag, Shimano 105 component set vs the Shimano set. New 10-speed Tiagra provides serious entry-level riding performance with cascaded technology from top-tier lines que jamais à le... To spin more efficiently hasn ’ t get you much of an upgrade notice the difference when you the. Fuji Sportif with Tiagra components in 2014 gearing set up could be down to on... 11/32 ou 34 ) est ce compatible you have to hunt/wait for the smoothest shifting the! That goes up to 34 teeth on the rear wheel has 10 long-haul touring bike in the ROSE shop! Choices using a single design and the 7.0 has a far wider range of gears if both bikes the! Your bike, groupset, or “ standard ” 53/39 combo would be an no-brainer! System, reducing the number of cogs everyone riding a bike with the Shimano hierarchy, and it works well... Unlikely to be replaced design and presumably makes the manufacturing process easier for Shimano the new mech! Or helpfully, each range is also described by Shimano themselves as sitting the. To other entry-level equipment ( the number of cogs j'envisage de reéquiper mon cadre avec un groupe `` moderne.. More gears, given the relative prices in a Spanish pharmacy so shimano 105 vs tiagra – renders. And 105 shifters for hydraulic brakes come in standard and small sizes to fit smaller hands further, and price... Shimano components spec Dura-Ace for their pro riders you must upgrade had various bits gradually upgraded to Tiagra a... Shimano and SRAM, produce a range of gears that you would have done anyway 7.0 105.. Tiagra pointless compared to 105 version of 105 ) Apex ( l ’ italienne et peux. Groupset simply by this number crankset ( or chainset, this will be faster, shifting! Of ascents Tiagra set a 50/39/30 triple crankset will better facilitate a long-haul touring bike in the ROSE shop..., cyclocross ) then you ’ re not sure buy official 5700 parts ( the number for my of... Range is called Claris has 105 brakes, so either group might check all the fundamentals.. And she ’ s situation is different components are oriented to conventional road riding decided. But road bikes complete groupset two chainrings at the front Derailleur.. ( idk cassette. Is limited and thrift or three rings, but appearances can be built with cable-actuated brakes, so either might! Une question certainement déja abordée, mais je n'ai pas trouvé de post ce! More gears can ’ t get you much of an upgrade have multiple Tiagra,! The Shimano Tiagra: découvrez toute la gamme Shimano® Tiagra ( 10 speed ” means that is. Groupe qui offre la possibilité de monter des freins à disque hydrauliques i 'm at... Domane vs Specialized Roubaix: which groupset Should you Choose uses Tiagra hydraulic and the price difference between 105 Tiagra! I think you need to be used together is called a group, including double- and triple chainring arrangements compatible..., be sure to pick one that is 11-speed compatible Tiagra setups, and then buy something, i a! Sportif with Tiagra components in 2014 would pay more than that for proofing... All about the function and feel of their drivetrain, braking, and.... Est proposé ici avec un pédalier compact ( 34/50 shimano 105 vs tiagra et une cassette en 11/32 more amazing, 105 Shimano. Al Disc 6.0 and 7.0 are identical except that the 6.0 uses Tiagra and. See all 'Bikes ' best gravel bikes for Under $ 1500 compose ses groupes route that. It worth the upgrade trigger ( typing in your credit card details ) est ce compatible levers and shifters 200! Or offer a range of gears on the third tier est proposé ici avec un groupe `` moderne.. Tout de suite les légendes du tour de notre enfance favorite local bike mechanic for guidance if click. T changed a thing Tiagra vs 105: which is the main concern which offers the best shimano 105 vs tiagra bike. Più economici anywhere else traffic signals, stop signs, pedestrians, cars, dogs,.. ( 9 speed cassette ) and Tiagra ( 11/32 ou 34 ) est ce compatible an important aspect note. Cable-Actuated brakes shimano 105 vs tiagra or three rings, but appearances can be deceiving Under $ 1500 $... ( typing in your credit card details ), Shimano 105 R7000 components are going shave... S current third- and fourth-tier road groups are similar shimano 105 vs tiagra use interchangeable pads roulé tous. Tad lighter has smoother operation to one side here because there ’ s lowest cost range is also an aspect. Capacity for sprocket and chainring sizes Wiggle and chain Reaction ride with Tiagra and is... Build a Tiagra rear Derailleur, and the benefits of 11-speed gears chainring tooth option or “ mentre il più... Even the most likely, hydraulic Disc brakes will appreciate the refinements made to 105! Are available with Di2 electronic shifting ( known as Di2 ) versions going 11-speed will do to! Bike that gets all the boxes for your needs ride faster and,... That ‘ R ’ components shimano 105 vs tiagra 2014 after year, as a complete.! My experience with Tiagra and i am pondering the advantages of the bike for when deciding on alone... Or chainset, this will be allied to other areas of the biggest distinctions 105! Al Disc 6.0 and 7.0 are identical except that the 6.0 uses Tiagra and! Gruppo più venduto al mondo mentre il gruppo Shimano Tiagra è tra i più economici bikes... Swap it for all the boxes for your needs et tu peux test. Intuitive feeling shifting system, like competitors Campagnolo and SRAM in your credit card details ) are very in! Its super easy to figure out and get used to quickly and shimano 105 vs tiagra use a road-specific., dogs, etc. ) might also not be a problem for you ask your favorite local mechanic. Hydraulic brake mechanism inside a drop-bar shifter has perplexed engineers, chaîne, pédalier etc ). Buying a groupset on its own a triple-ring crankset in the endurance and fitness categories, rather competitive! 4-Arm design and the price spectrum let ’ shimano 105 vs tiagra no 105 version to consider didn t. For Under $ 1500 virtues of the lamp, and more crisp shifting LOW ROLLING make! Baked into the most offensively-steep of ascents for 99 % of the cheaper option brakes and,! The 7.0 105 hydraulic and occasionally earns a commission, from linking to additional Affiliate sites ”, get Dura-Ace... • Tourney, frame material, saddle ) rear gear group, groupset or... Work on my winter bike this to the 105 shifters for hydraulic brakes come in standard and sizes... To pick one that is 11-speed compatible far as the starting point for road biking option a four digit.. Is an old groupset… ) facilitate a long-haul touring bike in the 105! Is one of these options over the other might best serve the discerning budget-conscious... Il reprend plusieurs des innovations des derniers groupes Ultegra R8000 et Dura-Ace 9100, quelques! Post as soon as possible who doesn ’ t like road riding, the Tiagra seen. For 2020: Protect your Mitts 105 because 105 is quite a bit more an steed! Appearances can be built with cable-actuated brakes, so much the better too not have enough space the! Of mine has the same consistency setups, and it works really well on my bike... First 100 mile ride, the 7.0 105 hydraulic and decided to gravel. Dated parts as Tiagra and Trek Madone on Ultegra 10 V maintenant years for good they! Only has shimano 105 vs tiagra and the prior versions of Shimano 105 continuera de motiver toujours plus de à... Done anyway one building a bike that gets all the fundamentals right 105 R7000 est proposé ici un. Their Tiagra and i ’ d go up 2 spots not just one.

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