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Is the disability claimant privileged to communications between the Administrative Law Judge and Vocational Expert?
Yes, claimants and their attorney are both able and should receive a copy of any written correspondence between the vocational expert and the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the applicant’s case.
Are vocational experts subject to cross-examination?
Any witness who is called by an opposing side and presents testimony is subject to cross-examination. This process affords the disability attorney to ask new questions or to seek clarification on answers already interjected. Vocational experts are no exception to the cross-examination rule. Since a vocational expert has proffered an opinion as to an applicant’s job capabilities, he/she is subject to cross-examination.
When do vocational experts normally testify during the hearing?
The vocational expert can obtain information primarily in three different ways. First, information is gathered when reviewing the claimant’s file prior to hearing. Second, the vocational expert obtains additional information through the oral testimony of the claimant as well as other individuals who testify during the proceedings. The third avenue and probably one of the most important means in which a vocational expert accumulates information is through observing the disability applicant during the hearing. Observation may yield clues regarding appearance, responsiveness, general intelligence, communication skills, and other claimant characteristics. It is during this time that vocational experts will note any physical capacities, such as the use of limbs or prostheses, or physical endurance. As a result, the vocational expert is usually the last to testify.
How can I book an appointment?
To book an appointment you can contact us using this form or call us directly. Either way, we get your message.
How can a counselor help me with my problem?
A counselor will be there to listen to you as you discuss your difficulty and provide support and advice to you. A counselor will help you through your struggles and difficulties by giving you advice and support.
What types of issues can I come to counseling with?
All kinds of things regarding your career! They may have a pressing problem or they may want to some support with self-improvement.
Will anyone else know that I’m seeing a counselor?

Not unless you want them to know. The staff in the Counselling Office will keep all information you share with us in strictest confidence.

Under the Privacy Act we are unable to disclose any information without your signed consent. However, we are required by law to disclose any information in the following situations.

  • When we become aware of children at risk of abuse
  • When an individual clearly presents danger to self or others
  • When we are subpoenaed for records or testimony by the courts