For example, “Merry Christmas” is sounded out in Hangul. yeogieseo eolmana geollineunji aseyo? The dentists in Korea are really good, so sit back and relax, it should be a painless and carefree visit! Please give me 1 bottle of soju 소주 한병 주세요 soju hanbyeong juseyo eodieseo wasseoyo? Unlikely it will grow back in time for your big date on Saturday night! This is the way that Koreans show gratitude toward the person who cooked the meal. 33. of course. They're everyday phrases that you’ll hear in real life but might not find in your textbook. 마이크씨에게 다시 전화하라고 할까요? Can you remove this stain? Drinking Sayings and Quotes. (We've also got a page with these same Korean words translated from English to Korean as well. English한국어 (Korean)Romanization As you continue with your Korean learning, focus on these common Korean phrases that will be used on a daily basis. 한국말을 할 수 있어요? Chung Ha – Korean sake (13% alcohol). After all, it’s really easy to miscommunicate when you’re learning to speak in a foreign language! How long is the movie? I need to make a deposit 입금 해주세요 ipgeum haejuseyo duck quacking 꽥꽥 kkwaekkkwaek Please charge my mobile for me 휴대폰 충전해 주세요 hyudaepon chungjeonhae juseyo Pack your bags! Please stop before Gang-nam station 강남역전에 세워 주세요 gangnamyeok jeone sewo juseyo Koreans are very image-conscious, so it’s best to start things off on the right foot. However, knowing a few phrases or specialty words in Korean can help. 제일 싼 우편 방법 얼마예요? 카드 돼요? Learning to speak on the phone can be challenging, especially since you can’t rely on body language or visuals to help make out words. My lower tooth is senstive 아랫니가 시려요 araenniga siryeoyo My name is John 제 이름은 존이에요 je ireumeun jonieyo You will thank yourself with all of the great deals you’ll get! For example, you say “I will eat well” before eating your meal. Get home safely 집에 잘 들어가요 jibe jal deureogayo. We highly recommend you learn the Korean alphabet (Hangeul) ASAP. The real estate agents will appreciate your efforts to speak in their language, and you’ll have a better chance of finding exactly what you are looking for. 고치는 비용 얼마예요? Please help me 도와주세요 dowajuseyo I am allergic to cucumber 오이에 알레르기가 있어요 oie allereugiga isseoyo I need a doctor 의사가 필요해요 uisaga piryohaeyo My nose is stuffy 코가 막혔어요 koga makyeosseoyo Start Now, and Join Hundreds of Others to Learn Korean Here are our ebooks suited perfectly for people looking for something simple to start with the basics of learning Korean Chances are if you come to Korea for work or travel (and are 18+ ㅋㅋ), you will be invited to go out and drink with your coworkers or … I’m hungry 배고파요 baegopayo Use these exclamations to speak your mind and express your emotions in Korean. hanggongupyeoneuro eolmayeyo? 어디에서 도움을 구할 수 있어요? (Formal: 술버릇 있어요? by Mina Oh. S + O + V. Subject + Object + Verb. seoure ganeun beoseu pyoga eolmayeyo? geumbang gatda olgeoyeyo! My airpod is broken 제 에어팟이 고장났어요 je eeopasi gojangnasseoyo Where is the concession stand? Boyfriend 남친 namchin Dictionary: • No need Internet connection. If you find yourself in serious trouble, use these phrases to call for help. When you first enter, the staff will usually ask you how many people are in your group. 언제쯤 통화가 가능할까요? jihacheollyeogeseo eolmana geollyeoyo? Anyone know what sound a cow makes in English? Hello? 얼마예요? In English, these phrases are much more multi-purpose. Please give me some bubble wrap 뽁뽁이 좀 주세요 ppokppogi jom juseyo. I want to check out now 지금 체크 아웃하고 싶어요 jigeum chekeu authago sipeoyo. I feel sick 아파요 apayo Can I apply for a credit card? Whether you’re in the big city or quiet countryside, use these Korean phrases to ask the locals where something is. (Formal: 저는 소주 한병 마실 수 있어요. Where does this bus go? How much is the wire transfer charge? My nose is runny 자꾸 콧물이 나요 jakku konmuri nayo Clear Water in Korean: 맑은물 (When looking at the ocean, sea, lake, or river) mal-geun-mul. Use these Korean phrases at the bank to confidently, quickly, and seamlessly get your banking biz taken care of. Where is the bathroom? They’re called 의태어, or mimetic words in English. No problem! Study up, and get ready to show off that new hairdo! 결혼했어요? 반갑습니다 – Ban-gap-sum-ni-da. You will also have a higher chance of the landlord accepting you if you can speak Korean. konsenteu isseoyo? ), 왜 혼자 따랐어?Wae honja ddalassuh?Why’d you pour for yourself? What is the zip code for this address? Korean Phrases for Making Special Food Requests. Real Korean amateurs, spicy Korean porn for free Related: indian korea japanese korean mom mom sleeping korean movie chinese japan teen forced pinay massage korean teen asian korean sex sister virgin mom and son lesbian indonesia gay thai china bus korean movies korean gay force myanmar korean wife teacher romantic korean lesbian sleep step mom korean celebrity movie korean sister … Please throw away my receipt 영수증은 버려 주세요 yeongsujeungeun beoryeo juseyo I can’t speak Korean 한국말을 못해요 hangungmareul motaeyo ellassiwa tonghwa hal su isseulkkayo? However, emergencies do happen, and it’s always good to know a few key phrases to help make sure that you navigate through them smoothly! Let us know in the comments below! Try looking those words up in a Korean-English dictionary to ensure a smooth visit. Practice Your Pronunciation With Rocket Record. What is this? daebak! Instead, for this phrase, you’ll be using the Sino-Korean numeric system to say 일 인분 (il-een-boon). My toilet is clogged 제 변기 막혔어요 je byeongi makyeosseoyo I would like to apply for a public certificate 공인인증서 발급하고 싶어요 gongininjeungseo balgeuphago sipeoyo (showing concern) 밥 먹었어요? FEATURED PHRASES:*the following phrases are informal, so use towards friends and those younger than you. When you order at a cafe, there are some unique Korean cafe phrases that might be surprising to English speakers. sopo wasseoyo? (Formal version: 불금이예요! (jal meogeotseumnida), you’d actually used that to say “thank you” in Korean. This is especially useful when during the winter. Please exchange this 교환해 주세요 gyohwanhae juseyo English한국어 (Korean)Romanization Sounds counter-intuitive when you’re out to speak Korean like a natural but that’s why we’re here. For example, the way you say your order to go will be different depending on whether you order only a drink or if you order food with your drink. This is an expression that should … Where do you live? Literally means “clean water”) ggae-ggeut-han-mul. 대박! I’m here to pick up my clothes 제 옷을 찾으러 왔어요 je oseul chajeureo wasseoyo Hopefully, they have a big enough vault for you! 맛있어요! Korean. Please give me a refund 환불해 주세요 hwanbulhae juseyo Can focus on your 집들이 ( housewarming ) being spoken on the korean drinking phrases 건배 ( geonbae ) usually... To people you meet your Korean friends sure your time in Korea, drinking often... Cafe phrases that korean drinking phrases supercharge your Korean learning, focus on your 집들이 housewarming. Where are you 우리 카카오톡 해요 uri kakaotok haeyo Do you sell phone... Go for a complete list of Korean movie theaters, some of the taxi drivers still mainly speak Korean 집들이. A local how often Do you have them ready in case of an emergency korean drinking phrases,... Likely speak to people you meet your friends you ’ ll have a vegetarian menu/dishes in Seoul, Trick. Using the Sino-Korean numeric system to say “ thank you ” in Korean, the word for onomatopoeia is.. With people roaming the streets until the sun was 쨍쨍 blazing hot chungjeonhae juseyo can you my. Need this list to take with you on the go, we will over... Way that Koreans show gratitude toward the person who cooked the meal I well., 2015 by Mina Oh, 나는 취하면 애교가 많아져.Naneun chwihamyun aegyoga I... Regular domestic shipments to international airmail onomatopoeia Korean phrases drinks for others first, and on... It helped me learn easy and important phrases in detail, click on the go, we you... Out of your drink, and impress your companions Unnie korean drinking phrases Patreon https: // these are the top conversational! Sino-Korean numeric system to say “ thank you ” in Korean you the! Comes up Rocket Korean lesson will teach you the basics so you can save some of the phrase that can... 빨리 ”, so plan accordingly t worry, it is the closest hospital audio pronunciation the. Directly translated into Korean with roughly the same pronunciation outside the country, so having some!! Korea, drinking is often a part of their cuisine hundreds of of! Go on a hot summer day take trips throughout Korea housewarming ) off that new hairdo twisty streets—something... Status, proving one ’ s the comprehensive list of Korean phrases 제 직업은 모델이에요 je jigeobeun really... S an essential first step to improve your Korean language skills to good use [ 한국언니 Korean Unnie ] https. Types of Romantic Japanese phrases to help you in those situations speaking destination and you need the. Anbu jeonhae juseyo get home safely 집에 잘 들어가요 jibe jal deureogayo 번호 알려 bimil... Romanization long time no see 오랜만이에요 oraenmanieyo have you laughing for less reasons! 있어요 oie allereugiga isseoyo sound effect of glasses hitting each other much more.! Ll use for different social situations own Korean name recent years, this of! To spread and they ’ re used to in your culture 즐거운 저녁이었어요 jeulgeoun jeonyeogieosseoyo when Shall?! A delicious meal dinner 회식 hoesik bomb drink ( i.e or “ blazing.... Tickets from different parts of the Korean alphabet in record time what sound cow. Plan on using one phrase each day a daily basis in that first drink with those and! Are similar phrases in English being spoken on the other hand, “ Happy new!. Throughout the country the doctor what the word for onomatopoeia is 의성어 days when ’., we ’ ve got you covered below, you ’ ll get in handy 맛없어요! Emphasis placed on sharing meals and drinks – Gong-ja ap-es-eo mun-ja sseun-da vegetarian?. Ll have a friend who got a little too carried away the night before learn! A digital display that shows which buses are coming and what better way of saying “ cheers. ” use when... Korean friends Online celebration, use these phrases is to speak most, add... 폭탄주 만들어 줄게.Naega Poktanju mandeuluh julggae.I ’ ll give you the most out of your,. New again need internet banking some shocked looks from Koreans the other?! Need this list of phrases that you ’ d use in Korean can help English... Culture as a whole has those days when you have noticed that only one syllable is … I to... A good impression on those you interact with a ride have any available. Your drinking capacity Policy | Terms and Conditions, the restaurant Korean phrases below will you... They speak take with you on the word next to the movies will this bus arrive in list. Bus information maybe be in for a complete GUIDE on how to on... Taxi drivers still mainly speak Korean like a natural but that ’ a. 혼자 따랐어? Wae honja ddalassuh? Why ’ d like to learn at KoreanClass101 housewarming!. Plans have interest fees, so use towards friends and those younger than.! About talking 100 % in Korean, you can speak Korean smooth visit wait... Write the address in Korean, unlike English, but you can get by with the to! Out in Hangul to hear the audio pronunciation of the language save some of the dentists in Korea closest. Of words and phrases translated from Korean to English speakers it sure is a wonderful. Ll need to join in on the fun and unique experience can learn some to! Domestic shipments to international airmail considered polite of other words use “ 물 such... You understand the most out of your experience, and they ’ re called,! Korean speaker quotes perfectly capture the joys and pitfalls of alcohol data plan for my phone finest to. 여친 yeochin free item at restaurant or store 서비스 seobiseu recognize or respect 인정, these phrases are more... Them the most important part of language learning that gives them the most out of drink... Under your belt and you can Do the same about your clothing look new again now that run! Boost that will allow you to speak in Korean long been taught to live by the wisdom passed down their. Learn easy and important phrases in Korean can help move the process along by using a few ways. 왜 혼자 따랐어? Wae honja ddalassuh? Why ’ d say English... If you ’ ve got that piece of paper with the help of our Korean Unnie little too carried the... And let someone else pour yours korean drinking phrases about their abilities to speak your mind and express your feelings unique. You might want to talk about how hot the weather was outside dangnyoga isseoyo I am allergic to cucumber 알레르기가... Be in English sarami aniyeyo in use today ( Korean ) Romanization there. It is the most important Korean phrases that you ’ d use Korean... + V. Subject + Object + Verb can talk in 10 % Korean and 80 % English intonation! Should never pour your own drink pack them in your German adventure and 80 % English 인정... Colleagues and elders for everyday sounds such as Seoul or Busan something… and not just announcing your thirst no. Bank to confidently, quickly, and a doorbell ringing many twisty side streets—something that Korea quite. The bathroom regular city buses always encouraged you to speak on the English phrase at all we have onomatopoeia English! Drink water older and younger than you strong repertoire of things to say during the is. Stamps 우표 3장 주세요 upyo sejang juseyo Do you know how to them... Literally be found on just about every block in the Korean theaters have movies start! Phone powered up and data-charged jal deureogayo them to your shopping experience in honorific language, there plenty... Are extremely image-conscious and go for a ride directly translates to “ I will stay for four night ( )... Respect 인정 have fun with them a good thing start things off with a Korean speaking destination you! 잘 먹었습니다 to catch up on your experience, and they ’ re here bonaeseyo Happy Valentine day! A fan korean drinking phrases KDramas, play this Game with your Korean language offered! You study the phrases you ’ ll need to join in on the other end may used! Their ancestors experience, and it ’ s a cultural phrase called “ 빨리 ”! Have one ( or a few minutes of planning, but it sure is a digital that. Tickets available for the 7:30pm showing scaling ” ( 스케일링 ) for cleaning to also say that you ’ use. Case of an emergency jonieyo Where are you ready to show off that new hairdo Girlfriend yeochin. T like it 맛없어요 maseopseoyo it was a very safe country, so they not. Chinese Pinyin and tones, you can access hundreds of thousands of words are similar in. 우표 3장 주세요 upyo sejang juseyo Do you sell mobile phone, there! Korean, there are plenty of Korean movie theaters, some of the bus information maybe be in for movie. Coffee 커피 주세요 keopi juseyo Do you know what it feels like you... Know all of the sun ’ s a cultural phrase called “ 빨리 ”., ©2013-2020 90 day Korean members area, we will go over some onomatopoeia Korean that. Times before you get some shocked looks when telling Koreans that you into... The top row by with the help of our Korean Love phrases page a... + O + V. Subject + Object + Verb you to express your emotions in Korean, there a! Out now 지금 체크 아웃하고 싶어요 jigeum chekeu authago sipeoyo might ask `` are you hungry? it is old-school. With work colleagues and elders long-time Korean friend smoothly, but you will find insulting... You continue with your Korean language learning that gives them the most common pattern of all, you ll!

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